On Becoming a Fish – poems from the Pembrokeshire coast.

Seren 2012

This collection of poetry explores ‘what happens at the boundary’ – not just the topographical boundary of sea meeting land, but also political boundaries, social boundaries, environmental, historical, the boundary between fact and fiction, between you and I.

The poems chart the journey along the Pembrokeshire coast from Amroth to St Dogmaels. It is a 186 mile coast with a strong industrial heritage, important geological features, interesting social and historical contexts as well as being a coastline of sheer beauty. I have walked the coast in all seasons, returning again and again to revise, edit and create new poems.

Many of the poems have won or been placed in competitions and/or been published in books, literary journals, magazines, on buses.

£8.99   9781854115775

sucking at sticky fingers cover

Sucking at Sticky Fingers

Winner of David St John Thomas Award 2004

Roynetree Press 2004

This collection dips into subjects ranging from Mills and Boon to poetic madness to genetic engineering. healthordisease.com.  According to reviewer Herbert Williams, “Emily Hinshelwood’s poems cry out to be spoken – conversational, often exuberant… There’s quite a bit of raunchy humour in this collection, but also more than a degree of tenderness. There is a marvellous gusto, a willingness to have a go at anything,  and a readiness to bare the bleeding heart and to hell with what anyone thinks. Emily Hinshelwood is a poet with a future and – no small virtue – this debut collection is attractively produced.”

To purchase a copy of Sucking at Sticky Fingers (£6.99 plus £1.50 p&p) contact me. Let me know if you would like it signed and/or with a dedication.