Dylan Thomas’ Pop-up writing shed

Dylan Thomas’ iconic Writing Shed in Laugharne (well a portable version of it !) is taking to the road to celebrate the centenary of this legendary man. And I have been asked to be healthordisease.com the Shed’s poet in residence! We’ll be taking to the streets, schools, festivals throughout the years, so please come and visit! 

DSC_0102Dylan once said that words were “the most important things to me ….There they were, seemingly lifeless, made only of black and white, but out of them … came love and terror and pity and pain …. Out of them came the gusts and grunts and hiccups and heehaws of the common fun of the earth.”

Drawing on Dylan Thomas’ love and obsession with words, I am  inviting everyone I meet to invent an entirely new word and definition to add to a new dictionary for Dylan (to be published in 2015).

My intention is to encourage people to play with words, with sounds, with rhythms, to swill the words around their mouths in the way that Dylan Thomas did in his own shed.

I will be tweeting words of the day; running short workshops and generally enjoying being witness to the birth of new words! Follow the dictionary on: @dylandictionary

If you’d like to give me a word for the dictionary, please send it to me via the online form: Dictionary for Dylan

There are masses of Dylan Thomas events this year – why not check out this website: Dylan Thomas 100