I do commissioned pieces of design and desktop publishing work.  These are some examples of the kinds of work I do:

'Over Sir John's Hill... is Sir John's House.' A book of pupil's poetry inspired by Dylan Thomas.

‘Over Sir John’s Hill… is Sir John’s House.’ A book of pupil’s poetry inspired by Dylan Thomas.

Books, magazines etc.

Page layout and typesetting for books, booklets, newsletters, magazines. I create print-ready files and also produce small quantities of hand-sewn bound books.

On the right is a spread from a book I compiled called “Over Sir John’s Hill…. is Sir John’s House”. I worked with 12 pupils from the Dylan Thomas Community school to create poetry inspired by Dylan Thomas. As part of the project, I compiled a book of their work.


Flyers etc.

small educan leaflet_Page_1

Flyer for Awel Aman Tawe’s educational trailer.

Posters, flyers, book covers, CD covers, business cards, bookmarks, headed stationary etc. I create many event flyers for Awel Aman Tawe community renewable energy charity, for example the flyer below for the book launch event of And This Global Warming. The Educan flyer was distributed to all schools in south Wales to promote Awel Aman Tawe’s educational renewable energy trailer.

And This Global Warming event flyer

Nijipin Vintage business card

Nijipin Vintage business card



Solar PV.  June 2006

Solar PV. June 2006

I produce calendars for individuals, companies and charities. This one pictured is a Calendar Girls style renewable energy calendar which won awards and was featured in the Guardian ‘Environment Review of the Year’.




I do a lot of personalised pieces of work for example I have designed and produced 6 different packs of bespoke playing cards – hand-drawn as well as computer designed.  This pack of cards pictured was to commemorate a 70th birthday.